Clean water and nutrients everywhere by using the sanitation-unit of Numosa

Yet sanitation is critical for preventing undernutrition “a deadly disease which causes 45% of deaths in children under 5” (Jean Lapègue). The sanitation-unit should bring the solution. The sanitation-unit with toilets en washing facilities which convert the yellow, grey and blackwater into clean water and nutrients.

About us

NUMOSA, IPStar and Partners cooperate in order to establish the technological & economical feasibility of using advanced space technology from the MELiSSA program for urine, grey and black water treatment, within a project called Sanitation-unit.

While one person in three does not have access to basic sanitation facilities

In 2030, everyone should have access to clean drinking water and hygienic sanitation. That's in the sixth Sustainable Development Goal of the United Nations. According to Geeta Rao Gupta, Executive Director of UNICEF , access to clean water is even a fundamental prerequisite for achieving other sustainable development goals.

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